One-night Stays

Our policies for weekend and weekday reservations are different. Please give us a call at 512-775-6805 and we will happily try to accommodate your travel needs.

Weekends (Friday and Saturday nights)

We require a two-night minimum stay as standard policy. However, under certain circumstances we can accommodate a one-night stay:
    1) If someone else has booked Legacy Suite for a Thursday-Friday stay, then the suite would be available for Saturday as a one-night reservation. Or, if a guest has reserved Legacy Suite for a Saturday-Sunday stay, then a Friday night could be booked as a one-night reservation.
    2) As each weekend approaches (usually on Thursdays), if the suite isn’t booked for a two-night stay, it might be possible for a guest to book a one-night stay.

Weekdays (Sundays through Thursdays)

We can almost always accept a one-night stay, but at the weekend price. To take advantage of the lower weekday rates (and the bonus of less crowded sidewalks for shopping!), a two-night minimum must be reserved.